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The Quebec Wood Export Bureau (QWEB) is a non-profit organization with over 200 manufacturers operating in various sectors of the wood industry. It has five offices around the world.

QWEB recently partnered with six manufacturers of prefabricated houses and components and adopted an approach aimed at developing better housing solutions for people displaced by conflicts and disasters.

QWEB’s expertise and that of its partners, combined with the know-how of an engineering firm, an architectural firm, a research centre and post-disaster housing specialists, have helped develop housing solutions that are not only flexible, durable and affordable, but also easily adaptable to different cultures and humanitarian situations.

As leaders in the design and manufacturing of prefabricated houses and buildings, the partner companies ensure continued production quality that meets the most stringent international standards.

The six partner manufacturing companies can each offer, on their own, all housing solutions developed. When needs are considerable and action is urgent, they can also work together and produce an even greater number of units.

The partner companies’ wealth of export experience, along with the expertise of QWEB and its overseas offices, allows them to deliver housing solutions to all continents.

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